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Due to the behaviors of bruxism on your smile, it can be hard to detect. Bruxism is caused by symptoms of grinding and gnashing your teeth together, often to the detriment of your oral health. Bruxism often takes place while a person sleeps, which is why it is so difficult to detect.

Are you informed about bruxism? For more information about bruxism, consider the following:

– You experience random jaw pains when waking up in the morning.

– The insides of your mouth tissue feel raw and gnawed.

– You have previously suffered from a TMJ disorder or sleep apnea.

– Your teeth look worn down, dull, flat, or look and feel wobbly.

– You grind and clench your teeth loudly, with added snoring sometimes included.

– There are strange markings and indentations on your tongue.

– Your jaw tightens up from time to time or fails to fully open and close.

– You notice an increase in tooth sensitivity or discomfort.

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