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Adults can have braces? Yes, they can. Though we normally associate orthodontia-wear with kids and teenagers, more and more adults are getting braces to align their smile. Learn more about orthodontics and adulthood is this post.

Can all adults get braces?

Consulting your dentist and orthodontist will help you determine whether you are a viable candidate for orthodontics, especially if you have received periodontal treatment for gum diseases or have missing teeth.

An orthodontist should be able to apply the braces so a space will be left for a missing tooth. Your dentist will determine if you are able to receive braces after having periodontal disease. Orthodontics can actually be beneficial in this regard since straight teeth help prevent gum disease.

What types of braces are less visible?

Adults may not want to deal with the look that braces give. No worries here, there are several options available to make braces less visible. There are ceramic, tooth-colored brackets; braces put on the back of teeth; and even clear, removable aligners for orthodontia use.

How much of an effect do braces have on adult teeth?

Some may think that orthodontia cannot have the same effect on adult teeth as it does on children’s teeth. This is true, in part. An adult’s mouth is no longer growing, so more serious problems with an uneven bite may require surgery. However, for the most part, orthodontia does a great job at straightening adult teeth.