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The American Dental Association is an organization that helps our dentist, Dr. Scott A. Ervin, provide the best possible service for our patients in Terrell, Texas and the surrounding communities. In fact, there are five promises that the ADA encourages our dentist to make, and these promises are:

No. 1: Respect a patient’s wants and needs

Your dentist respects your privacy and ensures confidentiality. Your dentist will put you first and will involve you in every treatment decision.

No. 2: Do no harm

It’s your dentist’s duty to make sure you are safe and healthy. This means that he works hard to keep up to date on the latest technology and treatment available in the world today. This also means that your dentist will refer you to another doctor or surgeon when necessary.

No. 3: Do good

Your dentist will provide high-quality treatment all while considering your values, desires, and needs. This also means that your dentist will keep your best interest at heart and will discuss treatment options with you so you can both decide what’s best.

No. 4: Be fair

Your dentist will always treat every patient equally. This means he does not discriminate and will always provide top-notch dental care without prejudice.

No. 5: Be truthful

Dr. Scott A. Ervin will constantly be honest and truthful. This will help you form a relationship with him that is based on trust and understanding.

Dr. Scott A. Ervin works hard to keep his commitment to you. If you would like to know more about our dentist in Terrell, Texas, or schedule your next visit, please call our experienced team at 972-563-1670 today. We are always happy to help you maintain a healthy, confident smile!