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Do you want to straighten your smile but dislike the idea using of braces? If you want a different choice, Invisalign® might be for you. With Invisalign, you use two custom-made, plastic retainers that rest on your teeth and gently align them. Here is an overview of what advantages they have over braces.

The plastic used for Invisalign retainers is clear, permitting your teeth to be seen and giving you a nicer look. Braces obscure the look of your teeth because they cover them.

Invisalign retainers can provide a better comfort level than braces. They provide this comfort because they are molded to be the right fit for your teeth, and they align your teeth more gently than braces.

Unlike braces, which have to constantly adhere to your teeth, Invisalign can be taken out of your mouth. The removability of the retainers gives you these following benefits.

You will be allowed to eat more freely because you take the retainers out before you bite into anything. Braces would force you to be more choosy about what you eat, even if it is healthy for you.

Taking the retainers out permits you to brush and floss as you would beforehand. While there are still ways to brush and floss with braces, it is still more of a hassle to take care of your teeth with them inside your mouth.

Finally, cleaning Invisalign retainers is more simple than cleaning braces. Removing them allows you to handle them more easily, as opposed to cleaning out braces within your mouth. Invisalign retainers can be rinsed with warm water, or you can use a cleaning system made especially for them.

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